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Surfing INDIA!!!

Posted by: georgek630 | December 13, 2012 | No Comment |

Hello…before I wish everyone a HAPPY XMAS, I thought I should say I’ve just returned from a summer holidays in INDIA!! We went out there on a surf exploration trip to see if there was anything going on on the south coast (Kerala) and….. there definitely IS! OK so it’s not Bali, Sri Lanka or Indo but it’s a good wave and one of the craziest, most awesome countries going – it is an absolutely incredible place! If this short vid inspires you then I would 100% recommend going with Soul&Surf who we stayed with as they have got the surfing side of things stitched up (there is a wave called Eds named after Ed who runs Soul & Surf – so pretty on the pulse! haha).

Anyway now that’s off my chest……MERRRRRRY CHRRRRRISTMASSS…….enjoy the vid….


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