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Ocean SUP, paintball and NWF…

Posted by: georgek630 | September 17, 2012 | No Comment |

Last Friday a few of us were having some sun-downers in the Rashleigh Inn at Polkerris when we saw a mysterious SUPer cruising across the bay just as darkness fell…

…On his arrival into the cove we all stood up to applaud, hoot and cheer, recognising he had made it just minutes before the moon took up the night shift!

After further questioning from our group it soon became apparent that Charlie (the rogue SUPer) had infact made his way from Falmouth and that wasn’t the half of it; he was attempting to paddle from Lands End to London!!!!

With no safety cover, no accommodation, hardly any food or water and a simple 14″ Coreban production board I felt obliged to offer him a bed for the night but not before he had tasted a bit of the local ‘Rattler’ with the boys!! haha!

After a hilarious night I waved him off Saturday morning as this true champion set off on his epic voyage (I think he is near Kingsbridge now!!). Please get behind this legend by ‘Liking’ his OCEAN SUP Facebook page and following him on his bizarre yet awe inspiring journey!

Charlie setting off early Saturday morning for another full day of paddling!

On a totally different note, I went Paint-balling with the same mates who had clapped Charlie (above) into Polkerris and had forgotten just how epic it is!

A wicked afternoon of war, after which I discovered I had no bruises – WOOOOO! Which got me thinking I should join the army until the boys pointed out all the shots I had taken were straight on the noggin….hmmmm, probably give that venture a miss I think! haha!

Let the battle commence!


And finally If you haven’t seen this, check out a funny insight into my life with a day working for Tushingham/Starboard at the recent National Watersports Festival. It is a long one so grab a cuppa and relax…

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