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Summer dreaming

Posted by: georgek630 | September 2, 2012 | No Comment |

So I checked and realised my last post was over a month ago! WOW time flies!!

It got me wondering what I’ve been up to and it has involved more double loop attempts and the pain that inevitably follows, surfing, barbeques,  run away boats, RNLI, regatta’s, birthdays, wake-boarding, busy days, oh and I almost forgot the OLYMPICS! I think I can safely say it has  been a hectic summer!

If you haven’t already; check out this article of DAN a local, Team 15, Polkerris Pirate down here at Polkerris who is only 10 and I have been keeping my eye on recently as he is already in footstraps and harness trying chop-hops and water-starts!! An incredible talent and definitely one to watch in the future! Click on the screen grab for the full story:


Also if somehow you have missed the National Windsurf Festival advertising, the party is well and truly getting in the swing of things and everyone who is anyone is heading to Hayling Island this weekend for a fun-filled, windsurfing/watersports weekend! To find out more and enter hit the poster below:

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