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Surfing INDIA!!!

Posted by: georgek630 | December 13, 2012 | No Comment |

Hello…before I wish everyone a HAPPY XMAS, I thought I should say I’ve just returned from a summer holidays in INDIA!! We went out there on a surf exploration trip to see if there was anything going on on the south coast (Kerala) and….. there definitely IS! OK so it’s not Bali, Sri Lanka or Indo but it’s a good wave and one of the craziest, most awesome countries going – it is an absolutely incredible place! If this short vid inspires you then I would 100% recommend going with Soul&Surf who we stayed with as they have got the surfing side of things stitched up (there is a wave called Eds named after Ed who runs Soul & Surf – so pretty on the pulse! haha).

Anyway now that’s off my chest……MERRRRRRY CHRRRRRISTMASSS…….enjoy the vid….


YouTube Preview Image

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Last weekend saw the final stage of the 4 Nations, BWA, Wavesailing cup at Gwithians. This venue is practically on my doorstep so I had high hopes for the competition and had managed to get some sneaky training in the week before.

Pic courtesy of Dave White

However, I had a complete and utter shocker of a competition. The wind blew from the north east meaning it was cross-off, starboard tack conditions – aka: MY WORST NIGHTMARE. Accompany this with the arrival of an ‘Arctic Blast’ and the fact that my heat commenced shortly after 8 in the morning before the sun had even come up and I was less than impressed with what I was about to endure.

After a 12 min. heat I was even less impressed with my own level of sailing as I quite simply was RUBBISH! Had a disastrous heat and was left wondering why I had even bothered to rig up  – I sailed like a plonker!

Pic courtesy of Dave White

That said it was a FANTASTIC event and ended yet another season with a BANG! Thank you so much to all the event crew, especially Nigel and Jim who put so much in to make these comps happen – THANKYOU!

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Last week was quite honestly the BEST WEEK I have ever witnessed in the UK. Huge swells were pumping combined with pretty much perfect winds for either surfing or windsurfing on each day. Somehow my day’s off worked perfectly too so I was able to get in the water everyday for one or the other!

On Sunday I had one of the most epic/scary surfs I’ve ever had. I was at Watergate Bay and could watch the Cribbar (at Fistral!) breaking, the swell was just massive – great fun for a bit of an adrenaline rush! For Ric’s video click here.

The Wednesday previous to this the wind and waves combined down at Gwithians for an AWESOME session! Here is my short movie of the days events. Unfortunately I only had an hour to enjoy the conditions, but I got out again at Par later on for a bit of onshore jumping and riding with Max Rowe and Ric Cleworth! Ready for the Gwithians comp. this weekend – WOOP!

YouTube Preview Image


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Tiree blues

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I am missing out on this years Tiree competition and am gutted. The forecast looks wicked and to know all my mates are there is a wounder!  I also missed the Ireland leg of the UK tour so my overall ranking has plummeted and all I can hope for is a good result in Gwithians to finish my year on a high note. It just hasn’t been my year with things simply not panning out the way I would want to make attending the events viable. Good luck to all the boys (and gals) especially team mate Muzza! Bring on Gwithians!

Flying high in 2010 on Tiree – a great shot from one of the best George & Muz challenges!

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Ocean SUP, paintball and NWF…

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Last Friday a few of us were having some sun-downers in the Rashleigh Inn at Polkerris when we saw a mysterious SUPer cruising across the bay just as darkness fell…

…On his arrival into the cove we all stood up to applaud, hoot and cheer, recognising he had made it just minutes before the moon took up the night shift!

After further questioning from our group it soon became apparent that Charlie (the rogue SUPer) had infact made his way from Falmouth and that wasn’t the half of it; he was attempting to paddle from Lands End to London!!!!

With no safety cover, no accommodation, hardly any food or water and a simple 14″ Coreban production board I felt obliged to offer him a bed for the night but not before he had tasted a bit of the local ‘Rattler’ with the boys!! haha!

After a hilarious night I waved him off Saturday morning as this true champion set off on his epic voyage (I think he is near Kingsbridge now!!). Please get behind this legend by ‘Liking’ his OCEAN SUP Facebook page and following him on his bizarre yet awe inspiring journey!

Charlie setting off early Saturday morning for another full day of paddling!

On a totally different note, I went Paint-balling with the same mates who had clapped Charlie (above) into Polkerris and had forgotten just how epic it is!

A wicked afternoon of war, after which I discovered I had no bruises – WOOOOO! Which got me thinking I should join the army until the boys pointed out all the shots I had taken were straight on the noggin….hmmmm, probably give that venture a miss I think! haha!

Let the battle commence!


And finally If you haven’t seen this, check out a funny insight into my life with a day working for Tushingham/Starboard at the recent National Watersports Festival. It is a long one so grab a cuppa and relax…

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Wakeboarding and is that a cover shot…

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Siblyback lake, near Bodmin have got a brand new, 5 point cable-tow with a whole heap of sliders and kickers. My team mate Muzza and I went along to see what all the fuss was about; it is epic! Especially for those windless, wave-less days. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Also whilst we’re on the topic of Muzza and I; Windsurf mag have just released a new front cover shot. We were both out on this day so we don’t know who’s in the shot. There is a higher chance of it being muz as I wrecked my kit and spent along time swimming but it’s worth the argument and banter!

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Summer dreaming

Posted by: georgek630 | September 2, 2012 | No Comment |

So I checked and realised my last post was over a month ago! WOW time flies!!

It got me wondering what I’ve been up to and it has involved more double loop attempts and the pain that inevitably follows, surfing, barbeques,  run away boats, RNLI, regatta’s, birthdays, wake-boarding, busy days, oh and I almost forgot the OLYMPICS! I think I can safely say it has  been a hectic summer!

If you haven’t already; check out this article of DAN a local, Team 15, Polkerris Pirate down here at Polkerris who is only 10 and I have been keeping my eye on recently as he is already in footstraps and harness trying chop-hops and water-starts!! An incredible talent and definitely one to watch in the future! Click on the screen grab for the full story:


Also if somehow you have missed the National Windsurf Festival advertising, the party is well and truly getting in the swing of things and everyone who is anyone is heading to Hayling Island this weekend for a fun-filled, windsurfing/watersports weekend! To find out more and enter hit the poster below:

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2013 Rocks are EPIC!

Posted by: georgek630 | July 16, 2012 | No Comment |

I got out for the first time on my new 2013 5.0 Rock today down at Gwithians with a strong cross-onshore wind and head high ramps it was awesome! I must give thanks to the PWA Tenerife live stream for making Double forward loops seem like childs play! They’re definitely not, but I managed to trick myself into thinking I was Philip Koster (event winner and current world champion) and was trying them left, right and centre!!! HAHA – they went better then I thought – but they’re flipping scary in real life (and I definitely didn’t land one! haha)! But the new Rocks are so responsive they’ve have allowed me to go way higher and bigger than I’ve ever done before. Find out more here.


I hope everyone is enjoying this windy UK summer and don’t forget Polkerris Beach is always open; if it’s not for sand-castle making then come and get wet in the water (rather than just the air!).

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Summer (ish) Antics….

Posted by: georgek630 | July 9, 2012 | No Comment |

The winds have finally died down a little so I’ve only gone and got myself a new surfboard! WOOP WOOP! It’s sick and with it’s arrival so to has the sea gone completely flat…..as in; FLAT! haha! Typical….just my luck, fingers-crossed it’ll be back soon! Also to double jinx everything; my quiver of BRAND-SPANKING NEW ROCKS arrived!! I’m unbelievably excited as these sails are AWESOME and after having them in Rhosneigr for the competition I’ve been waiting with baited breath for their arrival!

As Mother Nature doesn’t want to play ball we did go and see Plan B at the Eden Sessions last week and it was absolutely incredible, the Eden Project was rammed full of people, the atmosphere was ecstatic and the rain was TORRENTIAL! But as I said his set was pretty flipping wicked and the rain didn’t stop us getting our wiggle on!

Finallyt, like I’ve already mentioned the wind has dropped recently so much so that come Saturday morning the sea was like a mill-pond, so rather than beat around the bush Ric Cleworth and I gave our Team 15ers an early bit of practice into the world of tow-in freestyle!!!!

It was EPIC, the kids had a right laugh, there were some big crashes and we even got the Hifly Motions/Mambos planing!!! check it out:

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Windy season……

Posted by: georgek630 | June 28, 2012 | No Comment |

So it turns out that the UK’s windy season is apparently the English summer!!! It’s been ridiculously bad weather for all tourists, sand castle builders and beach goers but awesome for us windsurfers!

Here are a few good shots courtesy of Splashography from a days sailing down at Gwithians:

I ordered a pint of a ale called ‘British Summer’ the other day and half expected the landlord to throw a pint of water in my face, turn the fan on and give me a can of stella! haha! Would probably sum up the summer at the moment!

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